Monthly Big Idea

“Joy to the world” is a catchy lyric, but can seem totally impossible when life feels messy. When we think “Christmas”, we think “joyful celebration”, but what happens when the holiday season doesn’t match what’s actually happening around us? Well, in this series we’re going to find a way to say “joy to the world anyway”. We’ll discover that Christmas is a season of joy, even when life feels messy.


“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”                      Luke 2:14, NIV

Week One
Luke 2:6-14, 16-20
You’re not alone when life gets messy.

Week Two
Matthew 2:1-3, 8,
Philippians 2:5b-7
You weren’t meant to be the one that keeps it all together.



Morning Time

If your teen starts their day extra grumpy (it happens to all of us), be okay with the silence and, if possible, slip them an encouraging note in their bag or lunch for them to find later.

Meal Time

At a meal this week, ask everyone: “What is a decision or a situation in your life when you had the option to choose joy as a response?” If you have difficulty answering, maybe work together to find joy in the situations you are facing.

Their Time

If you find out something unexpected about your teen, try not to let your fear determine your response. If needed, ask for some time to process what you find out and then make decisions on how to move forward.

Bed Time

Pray that both you and your teen will choose to find joy every day, even when things are difficult.

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