December 10 – December 31

End of Year Offering: Make A Difference

The end-of-year offering is an opportunity to play a meaningful part in supporting the mission of reaching families in Three Rivers and surronding areas with the love of God. 

This year’s offering will go toward finishing the campaign to complete our new auditorium so we can serve the community better.


Children & Youth

The facility updates will empower children and teens by creating an environment to find hope in today’s culture. It will not only shape their individual futures but also contribute to building a resilient and optimistic society for generations to come.


The Hopeless

The new auditorium is a beacon of hope for the hopeless, offering a space where individuals can find peace through the gospel, community, and spiritual renewal, changing lives and building a sense of purpose.


Our Community

The Auditorium is a community-building initiative that will serve as a hub for various gatherings, events, and programs. It will build unity and provide a valuable space for the community to come together to connect and thrive.

Because of your faithfulness…

We paid off $950,000 of debt!

We now have the funds to begin the construction of the new auditorium!

Our goal is to raise $800,000 to complete the auditorium.

And now we are pressing toward the finish…

Changed Lives

Together, we can write a new chapter for Three Rivers, where love, compassion, and faith intersect to create a brighter future.

By finishing this challenge, you will build a space to provide the community
with hope, healing, and inspiration.

Whether through financial donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your contribution will help us create a sanctuary where families can gather, connect, and grow in their faith.

Join us in the Make A Difference Challenge and be a part of building a legacy that will impact generations to come.