Question: Is there marriage in heaven?

Question: Will I know as my mom in heaven?

Question: If I die before the Rapture, will I be put in a waiting room until Judgment Day?

Question: We will recognize those we know in heaven; will we see that they were our family and friends?

Question: My mom was baptized as a baby. I don’t think I can convince her to be baptized at 88. On the other hand, I know she believes in Jesus as her Savior. What are your thoughts?

Question: Will we have to watch our loved ones who don’t believe go to hell? 

Question: If a baby dies, is it still a baby in heaven, or does it grow up? 

Question: I dreamed I met my granny, and she took me to visit her in heaven; it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. She talked to me about heaven and told me it didn’t hurt to die; did she visit me, and did I get a glimpse of Heaven?

Question: Is it true that we are living in hell on Earth?

Question: Will we live in heaven or on a new Earth? Scripture hints we could live on the new earth. 

Question: Does everyone who gets into heaven get the same rewards?

Question: Will we have jobs in heaven?

Question: Can people in hell see those in Heaven and vice versa?

Question: I read on tick tock that when we do, we have to say our sins out loud in front of all. Is that true? 

Question: Is there age accountability at which we much choose salvation?

Question: What happens to people who never hear about Jesus? Do they go to Hell? 

Question: Will there be silence in heaven, and will I be allowed in?

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