Helping Parent’s Answer Tough Questions

Inspired by our Feburary 26, 2023 “God & Sexuality” sermon, we’ve created some resources for healthy conversations.  As parents, we have the responsibility of helping our kids understand their developing sexuality… but honestly, that can sound daunting!  As your child’s parent, you are the PERFECT person to help them learn and discuss the truth about the amazing way that God designed them in every way and how we can have rewarding and healthy relationships.  Our kids NEED us to walk alongside them, empathetically listen to their questions and thoughts, and help them process!  If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Riverside, and we’ll connect you with a pastor who’s specifically equipped to help you as you lead your kids. Check out these resources below, by age and topic, to help you start these important conversations.


God Made Your Body, by Jim Burns

A book with engaging text & kid friendly illustrations, it provides the basic foundation that God created our bodies and wants us to honor Him with our bodies


How God Makes Babies, by Jim Burns 

This book is an age-appropriate introduction to basic sexuality, helping children ages 6 to 9 understand that God created males and females differently and with a purpose.


More Than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex
by Jonathan McKee

This book is a FANTASTIC tool for parents who don’t feel fully equipped to have conversations with their kids.  It provides both tools and motivation, and helps you overcome the awkwardness of the topic!


Living in a Gray World – Preston Sprinkle

This book brings biblical truth and compassion about this important topic.  A book that parents and their teenage kid can read & discuss.


The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender is a collaboration of Christian pastors, leaders & theologians, who aspire to be a trusted source for the Church on questions related to sexuality & gender.  Led by Pastor Preston Sprinkle, this site has resources, online courses, blog posts, and theologically grounded.


There is no better time to introduce your kids to Riverside’s fantastic Next Gen Ministries.  We desire to help your kids take steps in their spiritual journey and our Sunday morning/events services and small groups are the best way to do that! 


Riverside Kids are available during every service. Our staff and amazing volunteers are committed to creating a fun and safe environment for children to learn about God. Each month’s theme is taught through worship, interactive lessons, small groups, games, crafts, snacks, plus something to take home. Wondering what to expect please visit for more information.


Our hope is to energize students to connect with their peers and give them a vision of who they were created to be. We want to help your student find friends and develop significant relationships in small groups that meet during the weekend.

Mark your calendar for February 26. Riverside Youth is doing a series called Good to Know; with Biblically-based teaching designed to help 6th, 7th and 8th graders have real, honest, age-appropriate conversations about relationships and God’s design for sexual integrity. We hope your middle schooler can join us!  Wondering what to expect? For times, visit


Riverside Youth provides a space to get to know other students, hear a Biblically-based message, and then break into groups with a small group leader. We promise to welcome them in and take good care of every student. Please note Riverside Youth meets on Sunday evenings, visit for more information.

Starting February 26, we are launching a series called Good to Know. We’ll be discussing all things relationships, as we talk about the depths of friendship, communication, and intimacy, from God’s point of view. The goal of this series is to encourage our high school students to think more intentionally about their communication, reconciliation, and romantic connections during their teenage years… and beyond!


Coming Spring 2023